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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Continuation of Doug's Colloquium

Stephen.    (01)

Your straight talk is much appreciated. I do like to emphasize, though,
the importance of things like those purple numbers.    (02)

Consider the time and energy savings that would accrue from posts that
refer to URLs that have as their extension precise locations on the
webpages referred to. I recently posted an alternative to having ID
numbers tied to the text on those pages. It was to have browser plug-ins
that would overlay pages with a reference grid. That was a very specific
proposal and, I believe, a realistic one. I am somewhat surprised that
we did not get any response. At any rate, here was a spec. (For a bit
more detail, see my posts "Document for review," Jan. 6.)     (03)

More generally, the Colloquium is to relate software to societal needs.
It is from examining those needs that specs may arise.    (04)

Henry    (05)

On Tue, 2003-01-21 at 20:19, stephen white wrote:
> On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, at 12:14 AM, Henry K van Eyken wrote:
> > This message is a kind of last-ditch attempt by putting the problem of
> > continuing all aspects (technical, psychological, social) of Doug's
> > "unfinished revolution" before the members of this forum.
> I'm speaking as a potential developer here. I'm interested in this area 
> of research and have stopped working in Defence and moved to a 
> University environment so I have the time to develop and release 
> software along these lines.
> As a developer, Bootstrap doesn't provide any real toehold on what 
> needs to be done. When I read through the available documentation, I 
> see lots of talk about purple numbers, but I don't see any design 
> documents, any project planning, any specifications for first cut 
> programs or anything that a programmer could use to get started. In 
> other words, it's a typical academic project which has wishlists and 
> theory but is short on the practicalities.
> Unfortunately, I have my own opinions and ideas therefore I don't 
> really see where I can work with Bootstrap. I understand that Doug has 
> spent years thinking about his ideas and just wants to see them 
> implemented without debating points this way or that way. This is 
> understandable, but it's not my kind of environment.
> I basically hang around here because we're interested in the same kinds 
> of things and I get some very interesting links out of the posts made 
> here.
> --
>    spwhite@chariot.net.au
>     (06)