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Re: Adding <meta> tags to XML documents

Preliminary note:
  There are a few areas in which I can claim legitimate
  expertise. But for any one of those, there are about
  a thousand where the word "squat" forms the sum and
  substance of my expertise.    (01)

Murray Altheim wrote:
> In the topic map group Sam Hunting gets misunderstood in
> email once in awhile because people aren't used to how
> he expresses himself. Good ol' email...
Gotta agree.     (02)

> I likewise was characterizing your comments, not you.
Cool. One comment in particular really wasn't very helpful.
I have to agree with that criticism (of the comment).    (03)

> I have a background in engineering, art, creative writing
> and media (photo, film, video, audio, etc.). I've both been
> and hung around with artists and writers most of my adult
> life, so I understand the temperament. I'm at least half that
> way myself. Perhaps the other half is engineer, an optimistic
> pragmatist.
Cool. Common ground, here. At bottom, I want the world to be 
a beautiful place. The quest for utopia doth make Don Quixote
of us all, or words to that effect.    (04)

> I think any proposed solution must allow either to operate
> isomorphically, because applications will demand both. 
That is a way cool thing.    (05)

> I did get one useful idea out of this, and that is getting
> incorporated into the next revision. XHTML documents must
> have a way of pointing externally to their metadata. There's
> already a way of doing this in DC I think, but I need to
> check this one out more thoroughly.
I'm not sure what I said that caused it. I'm not sure I even
see why its such a great idea. (I believe it, I just don't
understand it.) It's kind of like back links. Doug swears by
'em. I believe that, too, but somehow I haven't come to grips
with the problem they solve, so I'm not as totally hooked on
them as I otherwise might be.    (06)