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  • You can browse Doug's slide decks in our Slideshare repository, where most of his slides from talks and presentations are posted. For his management seminar intensives, refer to the event sites for the course materials.
  • To watch Doug presenting at key events, with links to the slides to match where available, visit the Engelbart Academy for his call to action delivered to a variety of audiences, and/or our Videography for a broader assortment of presentations.
  • Seminar Intensives: Throughout the 1990s culminating in 2000, Doug presented numerous in-depth seminars detailing his message and call to action. For starters, see his Booklet of slide handouts produced to accompany his half-day management seminars in the latter 1990s. Two seminar intensives presented at Stanford University were fully curated with session videos, slides, and more:
     (1) his 3-day Bootstrap Seminar (1992) includes a Seminar Binder with slide handouts and selected readings;
     (2) his 10 week Engelbart Colloquium (2000) including session slides, and slide transcripts.

Bootstrap "Paradigm Map" 2

  • A "Paradigm Map" for Boosting Collective IQ (2008)
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    By: Doug Engelbart
    Events: wide variety
    Slides Formats: PDF | PPS | PPT | Handouts (3 per page)
    Video: Watch Doug presenting
    Site: Visit our Bootstrap "Paradigm Map"
    Description: This slide deck, used in many of Doug Engelbart's presentations throughout 1992-2000, depicts his strategic framework in an interactive format. The Bootstrap "Paradigm Map" highlights the paradigm shifts needed to accelerate systematic improvement and the advancement of Collective IQ in business and society. Travel once around the map (shown at right) to see vision highlights, and again to see vision and strategy in greater detail.

    This particular version was used in the 2008 Bootstrap Dialogs – Doug's in-depth roundtable sessions with Jeff Rulifson and Christina Engelbart recorded at Stanford University. See also the 1998 version of Doug's "Paradigm Map" slides, used in most of his presentations 1993-2000.

Christina's Slides 3

Slides from Christina Engelbart's presentations. Christina is Executive Director, The Doug Engelbart Institute which she co-founded with her father..

  • "Taking the Challenge Forward" (Dec 2018)
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    By: Christina Engelbart
    Event: Solving Todayís Great Problems? Lessons From Engelbartís Demo @50
    Slide Format: Slideshare
    Video: Watch presentation
    Description: A CHM Live event celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doug's 1968 Demo Dec 12, 2018, at Computer History Museum. Christina's talk is setting up for the panel discussion of case examples that follows, led by Paul Saffo.
  • "The Driving Vision" (Dec 2008)
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    By: Christina Engelbart
    Event: Engelbart and the Dawn of Interactive Computing
    Slide Formats: PDF | PPT
    Video: Watch presentation
    Description: Christina Engelbart's presentation celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Doug's 1968 Demo, Dec 9, 2008, at Stanford University. A personal tribute to her father, including a brief overview of his strategic vision that drove the innovation in his lab up the S-curve (see Doug's Vision "Treasure Map" at right), closing with a call to action and appreciation.
  • "What if we could take the same breakthrough vision and strategic organizing principles, with built-in accelerators that Doug embeded in the inner workings of his lab with such unprecedented results, and embed those in today's teams and organizations, using next generation interactive computing as a springboard ... just imagine the incredible levels of innovation that could be unleashed!"
                – Christina Engelbart, December 9, 2008

  • "Learnings from a Life's Work: The Engelbart Archives" (2011)
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    By: Christina Engelbart
    Event: PDA 2011 Conference
    Slide Formats: PDF | PPS | PPT
    Video: Watch presentation
    Blog: Christina's blog about the conference
    Description: Christina's presentation at the 2011 Conference on Personal Digital Archiving at the Internet Archive, San Francisco, CA -- †a 20-minute whirlwind tour of (1) Doug's seminal work, (2) this archive initiative, and (3) how his work informs next-generation information technology. Learn more about the ongoing initiatives of the Doug Engelbart Institute featured in this presentation, at the Doug Engelbart Archive Initiative and Doug's Call to Action (particularly Collective IQ and OHS).
  • "Bootstrapping Innovation" (2010)
    By: Christina Engelbart
    Event: Patty's Visionaries Spring 2010 gathering
    Slides: Access slides
    Video: N/A
    Description:  Christina's presentation at the Spring 2010 gathering of Patty's Visionaries in Austin, TX. To learn more about the ongoing initiative of the Doug Engelbart Institute featured in the presentation, visit our Bootstrapping Innovation resources page. See also NMC's presentation "Bootstrapping Innovation in Action" a case study