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Large-Scale Collective IQ (2004) - Doug Engelbart's keynote speech at the Accelerating Change 2004 Conference November 7, 2004, at Stanford University. Doug speaks about what the inspiration for his work, his seminal research lab, the important challenges and opportunities ahead, his marriage proposal to his wife Ballard, learning trick bike riding as a kid with his brother, etc. Refer to his Presentation slides also available on the conference site. We are grateful to Doug Kay and ITConversations for capturing this talk on conference radio, and for the high-quality post production editing by Gardner Campbell (see Gardner's blogpost describing this experience as part of his learning journey grokking Doug's work, search to "podcast").
A "Bootstrapping" Strategy (1995) - Doug Engelbart's talk at the 1995 New Paradigms for Using Computers conference, IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA. Using the Bootstrap Paradigm Map presentation slides he gives a summary overview of the impetus for his work and the important work yet to be done. The audio is an excerpt from his talk, covering slides #1-10.

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What the Dormouse Said (2005) - John Markoff speaks at the SDForum Distinguished Speaker Series about his book, "What The Dormouse Said: How the 60s Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer at Industry." In the 60s, John McCarthy was working on replacing human intelligence using artificial intelligence and Doug Engelbart was working on augmenting human intelligence using computers. Both of them profoundly influenced several other engineers including those at Xerox PARC and the Stanford Artifical Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL). John Talks about their contribution and how the PC revolution eventually unfolded. (Note: this is a two-part audio.)