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Large-Scale Collective IQ (2004) - Doug Engelbart's keynote at Accel­er­at­ing Change 2004, Nov 7, at Stanford University. Doug shares his inspiration, his seminal research, the important challenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties still ahead, his marriage proposal to his wife Ballard, learning trick bike riding as a kid, etc. Also available on Video. Follow along with Doug's slides, Abstract and Conference Website. Many thanks to Doug Kay and ITConver­sa­tions for cap­tur­ing this talk on conference radio, and for Garder Campbell's thoughtful post produc­tion editing and blogpost re: his experience (search to "podcast").
A "Bootstrapping" Strategy (1995) - Doug Engelbart's talk at the 1995 New Paradigms for Using Computers conference, IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA. Browse Abstract and Audio Excerpt. Also available on Video. Using the Bootstrap Paradigm Map pre­sen­ta­tion slides he gives a summary overview of the impetus for his work and the important work yet to be done. The audio is an excerpt from his talk, covering slides #1-10.
Douglas Engelbart on GUI (1998) - Nobuyuki Hayashi interviews Doug Engelbart on his visit to Tokyo, November 1998, to promote the Bootstrap Alliance. This is a 7-minute excerpt of their one hour interview.

Oral Histories 2

Stanford University: Oral History Interview with Douglas Engelbart by Henry Lowood and Judy Adams for Stanford Libraries Special Collections. See Interview Transcripts in interactive or pdf/print formats. Part of the Stanford Oral History Project interviews, 1971-1995. 2a

The Smithsonian Museum: Oral History Interview with Douglas Engelbart by Jon Eklund for the National Museum of American History, May 4, 1994. See Interview Transcripts. Based on a 1994 videotaped interview. 2b

Readings 3

New! Excerpts from Engelbart's Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework, read by Prof. Gardner Campbell for his Framework Annotation site, included here with permission:

Section I - Introduction | read along | learn more

Section II - Conceptual Framework - Parts A & B | read along | learn more

Section III - Examples and Discussion - Part A 1 & 2 | read along | learn more

Talks & Podcasts by Others 4

New! How Douglas Engelbart predicted the future of computing (2022) - feature story by Steven Johnson for Netguru's Hidden Heroes series. "More than 50 years ago, Douglas Engelbart gave the “mother of all demos” that transformed software forever. The computer world has been catching up with his vision ever since. [...] Now available on your favorite podcast streaming platform. [...] Hidden Heroes is a tribute to innovators who set the foundations on which we build vital solutions for the modern world. Their inventions make the world run, but their stories remain hidden. Until now. Hidden Heroes uncovers unexpected connections between great human stories and technologies and ideas that are widespread public phenomena today." See companion article by same name.

Available Here: Listen now | more ways to listen

What the Dormouse Said (2005) - John Markoff speaks at the SDForum Distinguished Speaker Series about his book, "What The Dormouse Said: How the 60s Counterculture Shaped the PC Industry." In the 1960s, John McCarthy was working on replacing human intelligence using artificial intelligence, and Doug Engelbart was working on augmenting human intelli­gence using computers. Both had a profound influence. Markoff talks about their contributions, and how the PC revolution unfolded. (Note: this is a two-part audio.)

Part 1 - Abstract

Part 2 - Abstract

Press Coverage: A tribute to one of Silicon Valley's most influential and forgotten researchers, Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher
Advent of Computing (2019-2021) - Sean Haas podcast series "covers the shocking, intriguing, and all too often relevant history of computing." Following are his sessions featuring Doug Engelbart's early contributions.

The Demo - Abstract - aired Apr 22, 2019

Evolution of the Mouse - Abstract - aired Dec 2, 2019

The oN-Line System, Part 1 - Abstract - aired Nov 15, 2021

The oN-Line System, Part 2 - Abstract - aired Nov 29, 2021