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Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Doug's 1968 Demo

Doug is celebrated on the 40th anniversary
[photo courtesy SRI International]


December 9, 2008
"Engelbart and the Dawn of Interactive Computing" was the name given this special com­mem­o­ra­tive event hosted by SRI Inter­national at Stanford Uni­ver­sity to cele­brate the 40th anniver­sary of Doug Engelbart's now famous 1968 demo – also known as "The Mother of All Demos." It was there at the 1968 Fall Joint Computer Conference that Doug and his team at SRI first presented their seminal work in personal and interactive computing to the world – including the world debut of the mouse, interactive online knowledge work, hypermedia, online collaboration, and more.

This event brought together key members of Engelbart's original team, along with notable visionaries Alan Kay, Andy van Dam, Bob Taylor, John Markoff, Chuck House, Curt Carlson (then President, SRI International), and Master of Ceremonies Robert Sproull (then VP and Fellow, Sun Labs) who along with Alan Kay and Andy van Dam had also attended the 1968 demo.

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Browse the video gallery of Speeches and Panel Discussions. See Printed Program, Event Photos, More Event Photos and Press (below), as well as SRI's original event homepage. For background visit our 1968 Demo page or watch the 1968 Demo trailer.

Watch excerpts below from the panel discussion of Engelbart's original team sharing their behind-the-scenes experiences, take aways, and analysis of the original 1968 demo.

Photo of panel discussion at the event Panel discussion with (left to right) moderator Robert Sproull, original research team members from the demo Don Andrews, Bill English, Bill Paxton, and Jeff Rulifson, and long-time colleague Andy van Dam
[photo courtesy SRI International]
Watch the panel discussion [ Part I | Part II ]

Watch Event Highlights

Watch "Engelbart's vision honored by his colleagues" event highlights, by Jack Hubbard and Ryan Roberts, Stanford Report (2008)

Press 3

SRI Press Release, Story Kit, and Event Page

SRI International Event Commemorates 40th Anniversary of Seminal Demonstration...
International Business Times. December 3,2008.
"On that day in 1968 at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco, Engelbart and his team in SRI's Augmentation Research Center (ARC)debuted numerous – and now ubiquitous – technology innovations ..."

The mouse turns 40: an interview with Paul Saffo ...
Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat, December 5, 2008.

Watch Engelbart's vision honored by his colleagues, a Stanford video tribute; see
Celebrating the man who invented the mouse, Stanford Report; both December 10, 2008.

Muted Celebration for Computing
Maggie Shiels, BBC News, December 10, 2008.

A Commitment to Complete the Work of Augmenting Human Intelligence
Patty Seybold, Outside Innovation, December 11, 2008.

The Valley Visionaries
Maggie Shiels, BBC News blog, December 12, 2008.

Logitech Ships Billionth Mouse
MarketWatch, December 3, 2008.
"Logitech's product innovations support Engelbart's vision of human-computer tools for interactive and collaborative work." In celebration of its billionth mouse ...

Firm makes one billionth mouse
Maggie Shiels, BBC News, December 3, 2008.

For additional press, press release, press story kit, etc. see the SRI Press pages (see right sidebar for links).

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Announcing 40th Anniversary Event at Stanford Dec 9, 2008 - click for details
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Cover page of printed program
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Billionth Mouse

Sometime within the month preceding this event, Logitech – the world's largest producer of computer mice – sold their billionth mouse.

Click here for fun facts, photos,
and Logitech's Press Release

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