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Selections from Doug Engelbart's seminal work can be seen "up close and personal" at the following locations. For additional info, see also our Special Collections by Institution section of the Engelbart Archive Collection.

Smithsonian Museum 1

   Original mouse at the Smithsonian
The First Mouse invented 1964 by Doug Engelbart on display at the Smithsonian
(click to see full display)

Exhibit: Places of Invention: Silicon Valley
Where:  Smithsonian Museum of American History,
              Washington, DC
Website: http://americanhistory.si.edu/

Opened July 1, 2015 - Featuring the original computer mouse, in the Places of Invention exhibit, in the all new Lemelson Center for Invention and Innovation within the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Places of Invention is also exhibited online. See more photos from Christina Engelbart's visit, and great articles:

Past Exhibits: (1990-2006) Excerpts from Doug's 1968 Demo were also showcased in the Exhibit on the Information Age, for which Curator David K. Allison was awarded the prestigious 1990 Dibner Award.

Related Awards: Doug Engelbart received at the Smithsonian Museum of American History (1) the 1994 Price Waterhouse Lifetime Achievement Award; and (2) the 1997 Lemelson-MIT Prize. For details see Honors Awarded to Doug Engelbart.

V&A Museum 2

   Artwork from the Beatle's Revolution album
"You Say You Want a Revolution?"
opened in London at the V&A Museum 10 Sep 2016

Exhibit: You Say You Want a Revolution?
              Records and Rebels 1966-70
Where:  Victoria & Albert Museum, London England
Website: http://vam.ac.uk/
Hashtag: #RecordsandRebels

10 September 2016 – 26 February 2017

"How have the finished and unfinished revolutions of the late 1960s changed the way we live today and think about the future?"

"This seminal exhibition will shed new light on the wide-reaching social, cultural and intellectual changes of the late 1960s, [including] one of the most important revolutions – computers." The Revolution Exhibit is divided into six exhibition spaces. The sixth space, titled "Revolution in communicating," looks at the USA's west coast through alternative communities and the pioneers of modern computing, including a contemporary replica of the first computer mouse and a film from a 1968 demo where its inventor, Doug Engelbart, confidently asserts: "We're calling this a mouse for the moment, I'm sure somebody will come up with a better name."


Computer History Museum 3

   Archive Photo: Doug Engelbart
From the Computer History Museum exhibit on Navigating Information

Archive Photo: Engelbart holding riginal mouse
From the Computer History Museum exhibit on Input/Output

Exhibit: Revolution - The First 2000 Years of Compuing
Where:  Mountain View, CA (near Stanford University)
Website: http://www.computerhistory.org

Doug Engelbart's work is featured in several exhibits at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, all viewable online:

Related Awards: Doug Engelbart was named a Fellow of the Computer History Museum in 2005. For details see Honors Awarded to Doug Engelbart.

National Inventors Hall of Fame 4

Website: http://invent.org/hall-of-fame/
Where: Alexandria, VA

Related Awards: Doug Engelbart was inducted to the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1998. For details see Honors Awarded to Doug Engelbart.

Parc du Radôme 5

   Original mouse at the Smithsonian
Original mouse replica on display at La Cité des Télécoms in France
(click to see full photo)

Exhibit: Our Digital World
Where: Pleumeur-Bodou, France
Website: http://www.cite-telecoms.com/en/

While in France, do visit La Cité des Télécoms at the Parc du Radôme - loisirs et découvertes. Literally "The City of Telecom", this exhibit showcases the history of telecommunications, whose section titled Behind the Scenes of the Digital World includes an exact replica of the original wooden mouse that is now exhibited at the Smithsonian.

More Photos: See also this wonderful Photo Gallery and Slide Show of the Digital World exhibit by Pierre-Yves Paranthoën. Or the abbreviated Slide Show offered at djibnet.

The Lincoln Center 6

   Original mouse at the Smithsonian
IBM's 2015 'Think Poster' featuring quote by Doug Engelbart
(click to see full poster)

Exhibit: IBM's THINK Exhibit
Where: New York, NY
When: 2011 (physical exhibit ended; now exclusively online)

During the weekend of September 20-21, 2011, IBM presented the novel exhibit "THINK - A Forum on the Future of Leadership" at the Lincoln Center in New York City, in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather. For this exhibit, "IBM brought together established and up-and-coming leaders from across the globe to deepen our collective understanding of the keys to success on a smarter planet." See About the THINK Exhibit and the avant garde Gallery of THINK Posters, as well as IBM Invite You To Think.

The physical exhibit was scheduled for one weekend only in 2011, but was such a success that IBM with Ogilvy have continued unveiling new inspirational posters each year.

In 2015 IBM selected a quote from Doug Engelbart for the 2015 IBM THINK Poster (right), taken from his writings on business strategy and technology. (While not exhibited at the Lincoln Center in 2011, nontheless a part of the ongoing IBM THINK exhibit collection).
The quote reads:

"Payoff will come when we make better use of computers to bring communities of people together and to augment the very human skills that people bring to bear on difficult problems." – Doug Engelbart (click to see it in context)

The quote is taken from Engelbart's paper "Improving our Ability to Improve: A Call for Investment in a New Future" which he presented at the World Library Summit in Singapore in 2002. See also the PRINT Version of the finished poster.

See Also: Several articles covered the original exhibit at the Lincoln Center in NY. See IBM THINK at Lincoln Center, blogged by George P Johnson, and Data as Art, as Science, as a Reason for Being, NY Times article.

SRI International 7

   photo of SRI exhibit display case
SRI's World Changing Innovations exhibit leads with Doug Engelbart
(click to see Timeline)

Exhibit: SRI's World Changing Innovations
Where: SRI Headquarters Main Lobby, Menlo Park, CA (near Stanford)

On your next visit to SRI International, where Doug Engelbart and his team conducted their seminal research in the 1960s and '70s, stop by the Main Lobby to browse the display case showcasing key SRI innovations. Doug Engelbart is shown with President Bill Clinton on the occasion of receiving the 2000 National Medal of Technology. Below the photo is a replica of the original mouse, plus a bronze cast of the patent on the mouse. See also SRI's online exhibit Timeline of Innovation - Computer Mouse and Interactive Computing.

Related Awards: Doug Engelbart received the Gibson Achievement Award from SRI in 1999. For details see Honors Awarded to Doug Engelbart.