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Following is a sampling of initiatives that align with our vision and mission, and with Our Initiatives.

Preserving Historic Legacy 1

Preserving and making broadly accessible the considerable collection of artifacts from a life's work. See our own Engelbart Archive Initiative for background.

  • Buckminster Fuller - home of the R. Buckminster Fuller Collection -- Architect, Systems Theorist, Designer, and Inventor. 1a

  • Iconic Edgerton photo Frank Lloyd Wright - homebase for the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection, with stories and virtual exhibits, plus links to national repositories with significant holdings of Frank Lloyd Wright collections, architectural drawings, reference materials, and manuscripts collections. 1b

  • Harold "Doc" Edgerton Iconic Edgerton photo - home of The Edgerton Digital Collections (EDC) Project, which celebrates the spirit of a great visionary pioneer, Harold 'Doc' Edgerton, inventor, entrepreneur, explorer and beloved MIT professor. 1c

  • MouseSite - showcasing the early work of Doug Engelbart and team, as told through the story of their 1968 Demo. Created in 1997 by Stanford Libraries Special Collections using Engelbart's archives curated there, including papers, reports, photos, and the original film of the 1968 demo in three reels. This represents one of the earliest such digital archive projects. Read the story of creating the MouseSite by Principal Investigator Tim Lenoir. 1d

Bootstrapping the Future 2

Initiatives pursuing some key alignment with Doug Engelbart's Big Idea, or Unfinished Revolution, and/or working to collectively inspire and learn to put transformational strategies such as Bootstrapping Brilliance, Design Thinking, Lean Enterprise, Exponential Organization, Lean Startup, Agile, etc. to practice, boosting our collective effectiveness and advancing our collective knowledge of best practices and enabling technology.

See our Call to Action and Your Bootstrapping Brilliance Toolkit for reference, our Community Showcase for case examples that relate directly to our initiatives.

Leveraging Our Minds 2a

Leveraging Innovative Strategy 2b

Leveraging Technology 2c

Improvement Communities 2d

  • See our Community Showcase for some case examples that relate directly to our initiatives, and Your Bootstrapping-Brilliance Toolkit for background and pointers. 2d1

  • C Community and Swimy NIC - joint activities spearheaded by Hirohide Yamada in Japan. "Swimy is a Networked Improvement Community to augment our thought behind our work by exchanging ideas in the spirit of making the world a better place to live." [see our About NICs page] Swimy NIC has been active for about 10 years with about 200 individual members, and derives its name from the fairy tale Swimmy, by Leo Lionni, which describes a collective, cooperative approach to solving large, complex problems. 2d2