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Watch Doug Engelbart's 1995 Bootstrap Seminar (Parts 1&2)


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Boosting Collective IQ: A Design for Dramatic Improve­ments in Produc­tivity, Effec­tive­ness and Competi­tive­ness - Doug Engelbart's half-day manage­ment seminar, with daughter/partner Christina Engelbart presenting a special invitation-only informal half-day seminar at the their offices at Logitech head­quarters in Fremont, CA, July 1, 1995.

In this seminar, Doug presents his visionary strategy for boosting Collective IQ in society and business in depth, using his interactive Bootstrap "Paradigm Map" slide presentation. This particular seminar was one of a kind, with its intimate, small group format, and candid round table discussion woven through­out among the handful of invited participants. See also Course Materials below.

The seminar was recorded for internal purposes on home video equipment without mics, so the recording quality is poor, but in the end this was his only half-day seminar ever recorded, and so we make it available to you here. Captured in two parts, the full seminar is available as part of the Doug Engelbart Archive Collection at the Internet Archive, and in the Doug Engelbart Institute Collection on YouTube: Part 1 / Part 2.

Throughout the 1990s, Doug Engelbart, along with his daughter Christina Engelbart, produced a number of three-day, one-day, and half-day management seminars at Stanford University, SRI International, Logitech HQ, also in Washington, DC, and Tokyo, Japan. See also our 1992 Bootstrap Seminar (3 Days). Note the name of their organization at the time was Bootstrap Institute[*], now the Doug Engelbart Institute.

Program Sessions 2

Refer to our Companion Booklet given to attendees for slide handouts and selected readings.

Key Concepts Part 1:

Key Concepts Part 2:

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Course Materials 3

Presentation Format: See our Bootstrap "Paradigm Map" resources page for description of the interactive slides, and related videos of selected seminars, lectures and interviews for a variety of audiences based on the Bootstrap "Paradigm Map".

Companion Booklet: Follow along with the seminar booklet provided to each participant: Boosting Collective IQ: A Design for Dramatic Improve­ments in Produc­tivity, Effec­tive­ness and Competi­tive­ness, including printed slide handouts and selected readings.

Learn More from Doug Engelbart: For more on strategic vision for the future, including shorter talks and lectures, see the Engelbart Academy; for historic perspective see theDemo.org and Historic Legacy: The Doug Engelbart Archive.

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