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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Marketing Software, Killer App and OHS

Peter.    (01)

Not to derail the discussion, but I just had to piick up on this line:    (02)

Peter Jones wrote:    (03)

> I think the group needs to hook up with some business analysts or process
> re-engineering consultants.
> They'll be able to spot target customers and feed the recognition.
> Then there just needs to be a tool to sell. etc., etc.    (04)

The group, meaning, I believe, the ba-ohs-talk group just hasn't an executive
or action-oriented component. There are, however, members who have taken
personal initiatives and pursue those as well they can. Example: Jack Park and
his Nexist. Of course, your particular proposal does not fit into Jack's patch
of the universe (as far as I can see). Closest to seeking business contacts is
the effort of Bootstrap's Core Planning Committee. They are working on a
defined plan, have engaged an active party to support them in their efforts,
and keep on following their trail. That has already entailed months and months
of work.    (05)

Another example, is Fleabyte - if I may be so bold as to bring it up. It is a
target-oriented approach that fits  in well with Doug's ultimate vision of,
AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, find means to address urgent, complex problems. It too, of
course, takes months and months of work to craft it into a decent tool.
(Actually, what I once thought was nearly impossible, might just become
possible.)    (06)

Nothing prevents any member of the group to engage in a suitable initiative he
or she feels strongly about and comfortable with giving it a go.    (07)

Henry    (08)