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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] A Need for Lawyers

Eric.    (01)

I am too ignorant to contest what you say, but I love the fire. The starting
point is: WE MUST GIVE A DAMN!    (02)

Then comes the next step ...    (03)

Henry    (04)

Eric Armstrong wrote:    (05)

> Henry K van Eyken wrote:
> > I am not going to say that we don't need more lawyers, because I really
> > don't know. What I see happening, though, is that all the extra costs that
> > corparations incur (lawyers, advertising, etc.) simply taxes consumers. For
> > them, it is just the cost of doing business. So we end up paying for the
> > lawyers working both sides of each case.
> I have to disagree. Not that I really want more lawyers, but in this
> case the response you point to is *precisely* the point. When damage
> awards cut into profits, a lot of money is lost, and that affects stock
> prices. Etc., etc.    (06)