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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] New backlink metadata; mhpurple v0.2 released



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From: Rod Welch

 Yesterday, you, or someone, sent a letter that included a link using purple
numbers that supported something or other.  This demonstrated that purple
numbers have important utility noted by California Supreme Court Justice Mosk on


...see also at line 471591 commenting on "links." 

Why then isn't this done more often, as Doug called out on 001017....


The problem currently is that purple numbers can’t be added at the best place in the process.

Ideally, all the editors in the email clients would produce purple numbered emails.

Next best would be to have the mail server generate message IDs and purple numbers before sending the email to the list so that all emails would link to the archives.

As it is, purple numbers have to be added after the mail is received from the list server, and a new archive created. These links are not part of the email that is sent out since they are added too late.

Purple numbers provide a paragraph addressable granularity. They are easy to refer to from online documents by right clicking and copying the link address. When a document is printed, it usually contains the base URL for the document. The purple numbers in the printed document make it possible to construct correct links manually even when an electronic copy is not readily available

While better granularity than paragraphs is desirable, I think we would begin to factor emails and documents into more granular form if we had effective purple numbers in all the documents we create. I am convinced that I would.

I don’t see a way to make real progress at collaboration until we can manage some sort of addressable content in email, which is our primary means of transferring collaborative materials.

Wiki works well for a dedicated group working on documents that will have some degree of permanence, but it isn’t good at the sort of spontaneous interaction that make email so attractive.


Garold (Gary) L. Johnson