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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] New backlink metadata; mhpurple v0.2 released

On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Garold (Gary) L. Johnson wrote:    (01)

> The problem currently is that purple numbers canít be added at the best
> place in the process.
> Ideally, all the editors in the email clients would produce purple numbered
> emails.
> Next best would be to have the mail server generate message IDs and purple
> numbers before sending the email to the list so that all emails would link
> to the archives.    (02)

...    (03)

> I donít see a way to make real progress at collaboration until we can manage
> some sort of addressable content in email, which is our primary means of
> transferring collaborative materials.    (04)

I'd like to propose a slight rephrasing of the problem expressed here.
We don't need purple numbers to make e-mail granularly addressable.  The
problem is that we don't have standards for addressing e-mail granularly,
nor the tools that implement these standards.    (05)

I could write a program that used the following convention for granular
addressability:    (06)

  mid:MIEJJJFBHJEBDEKGPHOPIEENCNAA.dynalt@dynalt.com#lines(23-34)    (07)

No purple numbers necessary.  It just says, address lines 23-34 of the
e-mail with the given message ID.  The problem is, for this to be useful,
we need to standardize an addressing scheme, and build tools that support
it.  Designing data models and metamodeling languages, and building tools
that support them, are some of the fundamental challenges of this group.    (08)

-Eugene    (09)

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