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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] OHS & the "now" enterprises, incl. CITRIS Kickoff

After spending some time with material referenced in John's post, I turned to the Harrow Technology
Report. As you may know, I have a long-standing ("Pre-Unrev-II-Colloquium") arrangement with Jeff
Harrow that allows me to extract and condense materials of particular interest to Fleabyte.    (01)

You will find some predictions mentioned in his Feb. 18 report at
http://www.fleabyte.org/index.html#45    (02)

Perhaps even more fascination are predictions in the realm of business that may be found here:
http://theharrowgroup.com/articles/20020304/TNSY.htm    (03)

Combine these with some of John Deneen's information (such as Big Brothers' sensors ratting on our
dreams) and we perceive that what may be technologically fascinating is much overshadowed by what may
be socially
catastrophic - especially if we consider that while developments in tech and biz  speeds up at
rapidly, the change in social institutions is tardy.    (04)

As an example of this tardiness, consider the recommendations in the report "Technology for All
Americans" (also mentioned in Fleabyte), how long it has taken to assemble these and how long it will
take to put them into effect. (This kind of tardiness is par for the course in the edcuc. business.)    (05)

Somehow, it seems to me, if we want a viable democracy, we need a citizenship more attuned to
accellerating change, which probably (as far as I can see) entails a digitally literate citizenry that
knows how to get and evaluate information of social relevance, do so at a fast clip, and is capable of
meaningfully contributing to a communal decision-making process. Afterall, San Francisco Bay Area
traffic and partially hydrogenated fats are only two out of myriads of issues.    (06)

Love to hear some realistic assessments and proposals in the Engelbart context.    (07)

Henry    (08)

"John J. Deneen" wrote:    (09)

> Henry,
> Relative to "Augmenting Big-Time", yesterday, &c., &c.    (010)