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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] New backlink metadata; mhpurple v0.2 released

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, John Sechrest wrote:    (01)

>  Please go into majordomo's config.
>  And in it set the "Footer" to be a reference to the list:
> http://www.bootstrap.org/lists/ba-ohs-talk/0203/dates.html    (02)

Good idea.    (03)

We can hack majordomo to include this information in an X- mail header
too.    (04)

Incidentally, a question I've been pondering: does anyone have any
thoughts/experience on majordomo versus mailman?  Mailman certainly has a
far more active development community, which would make it a better
candidate in my book.  If it's worthwhile, we can migrate our mail system
over to that.    (05)

-Eugene    (06)

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