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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Wiki experiences?

Eugene Eric Kim <eekim@eekim.com> writes:    (01)

 % I know a bunch of people on this list have used and/or administered Wikis.
 % What have your experiences (both pro and con) been with various Wikis?
 % (I'll summarize responses in a dialog map.)    (02)

 % I know Chris Dent is using MoinWiki, and John Sechrest has also used and
 % administered Wikis.  What are your experiences?    (03)

I am using phpwiki [http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net] in my classes
at Oregon State. I have found them to be very interesting as a teaching
tool. I am now starting to use this same wiki as a documentation
tool as technical support for my company [http://www.peak.org]
We are starting to coordinate the technical team around the wiki.    (04)

I have looked at other wiki's, but I am liking this one at the moment.
I have slowly been crawling thru the wiki material at
the original wiki [http://www.c2.com] at the Portland Pattern Repository.    (05)

I probably need to get a copy of the WikiBook by WardCunningham     (06)

[http://www.powells.com/cgi-bin/biblio?inkey=62-020171499x-1]    (07)

     The Wiki Way: Quick Collaboration on
     the Web with CDROM 
     by Bo Leuf     (08)

    ISBN: 020171499x Subtitle: Quick Collaboration on the Web with CD
    (Audio) Author: Leuf, Bo Author: Cunningham, Ward Publisher:
    Addison Wesley Publishing Company Subject: Wikis (Computer
    science) Subject: Data processing Subject: Internet - Server
    Maintenance Subject: Internet - Hardware Subject: Wikis Subject:
    Internet - General Edition Description: Includes bibliographical
    references and index. Publication Date: March 2001 Binding: Trade
    Paper Language: English Illustrations: Y Pages: 435 Dimensions:
    920x735x89 155     (09)

Wiki Pros    (010)

*Able to write web pages quick
*Able to lock pages as they are being written
*No/low training time for students/users
*Support collaborative discussion
**No problem with having to trace thru threads
**Free format gives many options
**Allows for group access    (011)

Wiki Cons
*Access control --- fixed by adding a WikiAuthentication library
*Identifying who wrote what -- Fixed by WikiAuthentication library
*Students have to understand what it means to be reflective.
*Need more/better revision control
*Need more ways to index automatically a site on multiple criteria
*Hard to use unix tools to manipulate text in the php wiki
**I usually write the wiki in emacs and then cut/past it into the editor.
**zwiki seems to have a direct emacs mode
**(boy I wish I could have direct emacs + graphical web)
*Hard to manage conversion to other wiki as class terms change
*Hard to access interior of WikiWords
*Hard to control display
**Wish for better tables
**Wish for better margin control
**Wish for better paragraph control
*Wish for better access directly from unix to use unix tools like
** sort
** wc
** fmt
*would like to have email notification of changes
*would like to be able to stuff email directly into the wiki..
**perhaps we need a mhonwiki tool.    (012)

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1600 SW Western, Suite 180       .            Internet: sechrest@peak.org
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