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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] New backlink metadata; mhpurple v0.2 released

Eugene Eric Kim wrote:
> The final conclusion is that a Wiki is a perfect candidate OHS
> application.  It has collaborative editing and back-links.  If you
> designed the Wiki to use a standard, graph-based repository like NODAL,
> you would get the following wins:
> * Granular version-control and access-control.
> * Integration and interoperability with all other applications using the
>   same APIs.  There's no reason I shouldn't be able to transclude a Wiki
>   node in an e-mail, or for that matter, into Lucid Fried Eggs, which is
>   really a Wiki with typed links.
> Incidentally, you can reframe a number of apps as essentially graph
> editors.  XML editors?  A tree editor, which of course is a type of graph.
> Threaded discussion forums and blogs are another examples of tree-based
> discussions.  Lucid Fried Eggs, QuestMap/Mifflin, Topic Maps and RDF
> editors -- all graphs.
> If all of these tools shared a common API, and if there were tools that
> implemented these APIs, then all of these tools would be interoperable.
> The universe of those interoperable apps makes up the OHS, and the APIs
> are what enables all of this.    (01)

I'm not suggesting XNode be that common API, but as in my last message
(on the threads RE: graph APIs) I mentioned what it is, and I think
that with a very minor *standard* extension for graph links in the
<xnode:Header> element, it could serve the purpose within a Xindice
based system. This will be what Ceryle does, anyway. Jack's been 
bugging me for months about release of Ceryle, and I'm hoping to
have something available this Spring. There are some essential 
functions missing but it's getting closer. I'm also moving into a 
slower development speed as I need to be reading more than coding,
but I still expect something functional fairly soon. I need it myself,
as I'm bootstrapping my Ph.D. research project into the system. Since
my thesis is on the subject of organizing research using ontologies,
I'd *better* be able to eat my own dog food. What I'm trying to do is
improve its taste before I take such a big mouthful...    (02)

Murray    (03)

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