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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] New backlink metadata; mhpurple v0.2 released

On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, John Sechrest wrote:    (01)

> 	     Speaking of cross listed.... Since I am new to these
> 	     ba-X-talk lists, I wonder... Are they being archived?    (02)

  http://www.bootstrap.org/lists/    (03)

Archived with purple numbers.    (04)

> 	     If so... What would it take for the mail list manager
> 	     to tag the message with an archive URL for the threads?
> 	     If it did, then my mail would be able to automatically
> 	     click into the archive of the discussion.    (05)

This is something we discussed many moons ago when we were having regular
meetings at SRI.  In short, it's only doable if the mailing list manager
is well-integrated with the mail archiving program.  That is the case with
Mailman, but not with Majordomo/MHonArc, which is what we're using right
now.    (06)

> 	     What do we as a ba-X-talk group need to do in order
> 	     to utilize hyperlinked mail as a basic assumption to
> 	     our conversations?
> 	     IE, what changes to our behavior, mail programs, list serve
> 	     programs would we need to make such that each message
> 	     had links and references to the others in the conversation
> 	     and each of us to have easy access to them from our
> 	     disparate mail reading programs?    (07)

Excellent questions.  I have a similar setup as you do; accessing links
from e-mail is a matter of control clicking the link.  I use Pine running
in a Gnome terminal, with Mozilla as my web browser.  I'm curious to hear
what other people's thoughts on this are.    (08)

There are certainly conventions that we can adopt as a group to improve
the quality of our archives and discourse.  For instance, if we are
proposing links of interest, as many people often do, we could submit them
in the form of an RDF-ish template.  These could be extracted and used to
build a portal -- Yahoo-style, blog-style, the possibilities are endless
-- automatically.    (09)

-Eugene    (010)

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