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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: [xml-dev] A very interesting patent related article

 From the page cited:
"The European Commission proposes to legalise the granting of patents on
computer programs as such in Europe. The proposed regulation is embedded in
a long advocacy text which tries to give a rationale for this proposal.
This text disregards the opinions of most if not all respected software
developpers and economists, instead relies on dogmatic statements about
patents in general as well as some unsubstantiated claims and even outright
lies, citing as its only source of information about the software reality a
study from BSA (anti-piracy alliance dominated by Microsoft and a few other
US vendors) about the importance of copyright enforcement. This study
apparently does not even deal with the subject of patents. The draft itself
was apparently written on behalf of the EC by an employee of BSA. Below we
cite the complete proposal, adding some links and annotations"    (01)

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