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[ba-ohs-talk] Cheap IBIS?

Found this one on freshmeat.net:
Artistic License (correct me if I'm wrong; I think that's equivalent to BSD).
"W-Agora (Web-Agora) is a database-driven communications system which 
allows you and your visitors to store and display messages, files, and 
other information on your web site. More than "just another Web BBS/forum 
software", W-Agora is designed so it can be easily customizable through a 
Web browser and the use of templates. It can be used as a BBS, guestbook, 
download area, or publishing system. Several database backends are 
supported such as MySQL, Postgres, mSQL, Oracle and DBM."    (01)

What's interesting is that this is a forum system with icons, which include 
? ! thumbs up, thumbs down, and a bunch of different smilies.  With those 
icons, you have the beginnings of a "poor person's" Ibis system.    (02)