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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] TouchGraph WikiBrowser

At 12:37 PM 3/13/2002 -0500, you wrote:    (01)

>>What ultimately makes sense here it an API built into the Wiki engine 
>>that allows TouchGraph to access the database itself and fill out its 
>>graph dynamically.
>Exactly.  This would keep the graph updated in real time.  Also, by 
>gathering data about node/link types, the graph could be made to look more 
>descriptive then the simple coloring scheme that is in place now.
>What that API will look like is still in the air, but I am considering 
>queries that would return a simple XML file containing data about all 
>links at radius 2. ... I guess that going node by node, i.e. radius of 1, 
>would be a simpler way to go, but this would require multiple queries to 
>the wiki DB, and  it seems that doing so would take a longer amount of time.
>--Alex    (02)

I modified the RewritingWiki (OurPlace) to drive MySQL (as opposed to its 
flat files all saved in memory in a HashMap).  Search radius would just 
limit the number of times you do ResultSet.next() in the select 
statement.  That would be easy to implement.  I don't know how this would 
work with Xindice or Ozone.    (03)

Jack    (04)