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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] TouchGraph WikiBrowser

At 06:54 AM 3/13/02 -0800, you wrote:
>What do you mean "What do you think?"!?
>TouchGraph never fails to amaze me!  WikiBrowser continues that 
>tradition.  MeatBallWiki (thanks for pointing *that* out as well) is 
>sufficiently complex that you can really watch TouchGraph in action; it 
>jiggles for quite a while when you center it on MeatballWiki with 25 links 
>showing, then finally settles. (Don't try that on an empty stomach!).    (01)

Thanks Jack :)    (02)

>What ultimately makes sense here it an API built into the Wiki engine that 
>allows TouchGraph to access the database itself and fill out its graph 
>dynamically.    (03)

Exactly.  This would keep the graph updated in real time.  Also, by 
gathering data about node/link types, the graph could be made to look more 
descriptive then the simple coloring scheme that is in place now.    (04)

What that API will look like is still in the air, but I am considering 
queries that would return a simple XML file containing data about all links 
at radius 2. ... I guess that going node by node, i.e. radius of 1, would 
be a simpler way to go, but this would require multiple queries to the wiki 
DB, and  it seems that doing so would take a longer amount of time.    (05)

--Alex    (06)

>Thanks, Alex.
>Jack    (07)