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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Scopeware - Sound Off!

Well, much of "critical missing piece" seems to have been put in place, except
that it is commercial. Do I foresee an Augment/OHS/Hyperscope vs Scopeware like
we have Linux vs Windows? Do we need to gear up for public domain applicability
for use by non-profits?    (01)

Patented appears to be a "rolling interface" on handhelds (which you'll find
illustrated at http://www.scopeware.com/products/products_mobile.htm ).    (02)

One interface hurdle overcome: "Do you need to convert large volumes of legacy
paper documents to electronic format? Scopeware 2.0 S&R (Scan and Retrieval)
automatically captures and organizes streams of scanned digital documents,
converts  them to text using OCR technology, and then stores the original image
with the connverted text." With info elsewhere on the site (much of) the
HyperScope taken care of. Nothing on backlinking as far as I have seen.    (03)

I just looked at Lycoris (Redmond Linux) in which they hace a CD copier. That
copier really is a front end to assemble a pack of individual softwares to do
their own, distinct things. This suggests to me that a temporary OHS arrangement
may be made by locating and comparing various softwares that take care of various
aspects of OHS (while in the meantime pursuing a properly integrated package).    (04)

One of the people behind Scopeware is David Gelernter.    (05)

Henry    (06)

Jack Park wrote:    (07)

> Couple of questions come to mind.  That because, surfing the site,
> Scopeware looks a lot like an OHS to me.
> The site says:
> "MWT is not a search engine, database or information management company.
> Rather its strength lies in its ability to translate, store, display and
> share any type of information asset. This provides a ground breaking and
> powerful infrastructure that is being used to deliver the next generation
> of Integrated Information Management products today; light years ahead of
> traditional unified messaging applications. "
> and the site also says:
> "Scopeware 2.0 captures, indexes, and makes available information stored
> within your organization in real time. Users can search for information
> based on document title, document content, when the document was created,
> document type and more. Furthermore, streams of information can be refined
> allowing users to zero in on the document or documents that they need  all
> of this without once leaving their desk.
> Based on our patented information storage and access technology, Scopeware
> 2.0 is designed to grow with your organization. Add scan and retrieve
> functionality and mobile access as your business needs expand. "
> Patented information storage and access technology.
> Question 1: please cite the patent number(s).
> Below, you say Scopeware is affordable.  Nowhere on the site can I find a
> price list.
> Question 2: What does the product cost?
> If my "sound off" sounds hostile, it is not meant to be so.  Rather, I'm
> sure that you know that this particular band of code hackers and OHS
> aficionados just happens to pay close attention to great contributions to
> the product mix (as Scopeware may be), but we also pay closer attention to
> those products that happen to carry patented technology.  And, perhaps,
> speaking only for myself, there is great concern over product offerings
> that mask their costs behind pdf files that require filling out and snail
> mailing just to find out what the price is.
> Cheers,
> Jack
> At 07:31 PM 3/22/2002 -0800, you wrote:
> >Dear ba-ohs,
> >
> >Please have a look at Scopeware and let us (ba-ohs) know your opinions.
> >
> >Its progenitors have a lot of credibility.
> >
> >Scopeware - The Simple, Elegant Knowledge Management Solution
> >
> >http://www.scopeware.com/
> >
> >Today's complex enterprise environments struggle with many challenges. One
> >of the most difficult issues can be defined as the artificial barriers
> >that are imposed by people, taxonomies, access devices, applications, and
> >file folders making corporate information difficult to access and
> >leverage.
> >
> >Scopeware is an affordable, rapidly deployable knowledge management
> >solution that addresses these issues by leveraging existing IT investments
> >to automatically capture, manage, and safeguard information collected from
> >disparate sources for greater insight into the enterprise.
> >
> >Scopeware's simple, intuitive Web-based interface locates and presents
> >information gathered from various parts of an enterprise, updated in
> >real-time, to the knowledge worker in an easy to interpret, accessible way.
> >Typical document management solutions and search engines require the
> >knowledge worker to sort through collections of information with little aid
> >or assistance from the software. Scopeware's Narrative Information
> >Interface automatically sorts and contextualizes heterogeneous information
> >obtained from different sources and displays it in a workable, easy to
> >read format. By presenting information in perspective as a coherent story,
> >time to insight is markedly accelerated.
> >
> >A Scopeware knowledge management implementation results in enterprise
> >information that is truly virtual and ubiquitous, empowering today's leading
> >corporations to leverage their intelligence for competitive advantage.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >
> >John
> >
> >
> >John Maloney
> >www.kmcluster.com
> >1329 Taylor Street, Ste. 12
> >San Francisco, CA 94108 USA
> >
> >    (08)