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[ba-ohs-talk] Google Outline Browser

[Radio.InstantOutliner, SearchEngines.Google.API]    (01)

Hi, testing out the keywords with this email.  Dots might make a good way 
to specify a hierarchy. Initially, I had the []'ed section in the subject 
line, but it took too much space there.  I think Gary's suggestion of 
having it as the first line of the email is a good one. (Eugene can still 
parse those, right?).  But more on this later.    (02)

Anyway, take a look at this new application for Radio's Instant outliner, 
"A simple tool that allows you to browse "related to" links in any Radio 
http://radio.outliners.com/googleOutlineBrowser    (03)

It would seem that the related-to links form more of a Graph though :)    (04)

--Alex    (05)