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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] New backlink metadata; mhpurple v0.2 released

	     I have been using wiki a lot in my classes. 
	     And I use MH as my mailer.     (01)

	     A nice change happened for me when I switched to	
	     linux on my desk top.... The shell terminal 
	     emulator that I have now knows about 
	     what a URL is.     (02)

	     And I can click on a URL and get to a web browser to open
	     up on it. IE, in the shell, reading mail, I click on 
	     a URL and I get a web browser.... It has become very
	     embedded in my behavior very quickly.    (03)

	     So.... That brings me to ponder....    (04)

	     What would it take for my terminal emulator to know
	     about WikiWords... And let me open them directly....    (05)

	     It would be interesting if there were a simple small
	     subset of html/wikiwords that could be linked in mail
	     that would avoid all the problems listed below,
	     and which would allow for some cross linking via the
	     mail programs...    (06)

	     Speaking of cross listed.... Since I am new to these
	     ba-X-talk lists, I wonder... Are they being archived?    (07)

	     If so... What would it take for the mail list manager
	     to tag the message with an archive URL for the threads?    (08)

	     If it did, then my mail would be able to automatically
	     click into the archive of the discussion.    (09)

	     Which leads me to the question:    (010)

	     What do we as a ba-X-talk group need to do in order
	     to utilize hyperlinked mail as a basic assumption to
	     our conversations?    (011)

	     IE, what changes to our behavior, mail programs, list serve
	     programs would we need to make such that each message
	     had links and references to the others in the conversation
	     and each of us to have easy access to them from our
	     disparate mail reading programs?    (012)

"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> writes:    (013)

 % There's another pragmatic barrier, as desirable as this practice is, and as
 % valuable it becomes.
 % There is presently resistance to HTML-formatted e-mail, and there are not
 % consistent implementations for it.
 % For example, I don't accept HTML e-mail wherever I have the choice, and I
 % generally do not intentionally originate HTML-formatted e-mail.  (This
 % message, including the clipping from Gary's mail is in plain text.
 % The practice, for me, stems from having gotten gun shy about e-mail carried
 % scripts and also about having to be on-line in order for HTML-formatted
 % e-mails to be complete and readable.  (That my reading can be tracked and
 % that I am subjected to unwanted advertising are further complications.)
 % Also, the HTML-carrying e-mails don't always arrive at the desks of others
 % in the intended form, and some people are annoyed by the fact that it may
 % appear to be both a plain-text and an HTML message packaged together.
 % I don't think that this is a fatal problem, just a current socio-technical
 % obstruction.  It's a demonstration of coherence issues in how SMTP e-mail is
 % overloaded as a carrier of specialized texts that don't work end-to-end, but
 % the barriers are about more than that right now.
 % If there were a consistent way to establish trustworthiness / authenticity
 % of non-simple e-mails, that might help.  But then there is the need for even
 % more special-purpose, out-of-band agreements, unless there is a global
 % solution at hand.  I don't see a global approach being bothered with at the
 % moment.
 % And I like purple numbers a lot.  But not so much that I will risk opening
 % up my in-box to arbitrary HTML-formatted mail.
 % -- Dennis
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 % Why then isn't this done more often, as Doug called out on 001017....
 % [snip]
 %  Rod
 % The problem currently is that purple numbers canít be added at the best
 % place in the process.
 % Ideally, all the editors in the email clients would produce purple numbered
 % emails.
 % Next best would be to have the mail server generate message IDs and purple
 % numbers before sending the email to the list so that all emails would link
 % to the archives.
 % As it is, purple numbers have to be added after the mail is received from
 % the list server, and a new archive created. These links are not part of the
 % email that is sent out since they are added too late.
 % Purple numbers provide a paragraph addressable granularity. They are easy to
 % refer to from online documents by right clicking and copying the link
 % address. When a document is printed, it usually contains the base URL for
 % the document. The purple numbers in the printed document make it possible to
 % construct correct links manually even when an electronic copy is not readily
 % available
 % [ ... ]
 % Garold (Gary) L. Johnson
 %     (014)

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