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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] New backlink metadata; mhpurple v0.2 released

Now you're talking!    (01)

I love Wiki's (and, duh, purple numbers would work great there)!!    (02)

And my e-mail client recognizes URLs.    (03)

Now, why am I more comfortable about that?  Well, for one, it gives me a
context for trustworthiness of a URL that doesn't commit me to follow it
until I am satisfied (or prepared).  And when my broadband connection is up
and running, I don't mind clicking links.    (04)

As far as getting e-mail married into the system, I am clueless.  Will take
some thought.  Like how you think though.    (05)

	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-    (06)

<revery topic="InterWiki" relevance="tangent">    (07)

Hmm, some Wiki's use a form of inter-Wiki reference that is similar to a
URI.  Well, actually, a special form for an external WikiWord.  I guess it
would need something in front of it to make it a URI.    (08)

	http://www.stonebeat.org/index.php?page=InterWiki    (09)

shows the form on a 'Tavi-based Wiki that I have played in a little.    (010)

Since most WikiWords just map to URLs, you could certainly post the URL and
let the existing machinery work off of the URL to transport you into Wiki
land.  Also, the purple numbers on Wiki-graphs should certainly contain URLs
out of consistency with other uses of purple numbers.    (011)

(The one thing about Wiki pages is that the purple numberings are best
generated on the fly, so there is a discontinuity around the page having
been edited between the time the link was sent out and was later used for
access.  This raises the interesting problem of having purple numbers apply
to a Wicki-graph in a *version* of a Wicki-page for citations to be workable
at this level.)    (012)

So, I think there is everything we need, so long as people are willing to
put messages on the Web and use e-mail just to point to them!  ANd then
somehow be able to cite the e-mails themselves without much effort.  SO
something predictive is needed in the e-mail.  I don't want to have to
change my mail-sending procedure in order to have it stamped somehow.    (013)

One could register a URI type, but then some form of resolution mechanism is
needed, as well as a way to recognize the form.  The folks working with
Digital Object Identifiers (http://www.doi.org) seem to have created URIs
that work via a browser plugin.  But they also use URL mapping of the DOIs.    (014)

</revery>    (015)

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Subject: Re: [ba-ohs-talk] New backlink metadata; mhpurple v0.2 released    (016)

I have been using wiki a lot in my classes.
And I use MH as my mailer.    (017)

[ ... ]    (018)

And I can click on a URL and get to a web browser to open
up on it. IE, in the shell, reading mail, I click on
a URL and I get a web browser.... It has become very
embedded in my behavior very quickly.    (019)

So.... That brings me to ponder....    (020)

What would it take for my terminal emulator to know
about WikiWords... And let me open them directly....    (021)

It would be interesting if there were a simple small
subset of html/wikiwords that could be linked in mail
that would avoid all the problems listed below,
and which would allow for some cross linking via the
mail programs...    (022)

[ ... ]    (023)

Which leads me to the question:    (024)

What do we as a ba-X-talk group need to do in order
to utilize hyperlinked mail as a basic assumption to
our conversations?    (025)

IE, what changes to our behavior, mail programs, list serve
programs would we need to make such that each message
had links and references to the others in the conversation
and each of us to have easy access to them from our
disparate mail reading programs?    (026)

"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> writes:    (027)

 % There's another pragmatic barrier, as desirable as this practice is, and
 % valuable it becomes.
 % There is presently resistance to HTML-formatted e-mail, and there are not
 % consistent implementations for it.
[ ... ]    (028)

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