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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] OHS & the "now" enterprises, incl. CITRIS Kickoff

John.    (01)

You peaked my interest, but first thing to look after is two sentences in your post that need
completing:    (02)

2nd par. "If so then"
6th par. "oes any body affiliated with the Bootstrap Institute"    (03)

Henry    (04)

"John J. Deneen" wrote:    (05)

> Henry,
> Relative to "Augmenting Big-Time", yesterday, I attended a CITRIS
> kickoff meeting at UC Berkeley. FYI, the following link is a 7.3 MB
> powerpoint slide presentation. Notice Prof. Yoo's "Type A, B, C"
> nomenclature for Reseacher Networking Needs (A), Production like
> Networking Needs (B), and Both Networking Needs (C) for Societal-Scale
> Applications.
> <
> http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~demmel/CITRIS_KickOff/CITRIS_Kickoff_Yoo3.ppt
> >
> Also, I met and volunteered to help the new CITRIS director (Ruzena
> Bajcsy) with the use of collaborative e-mail services for writing white
> papers for more grants, etc. So is there anyone else interested in
> helping with the "bootstrapping process" for developing Societal-Scale
> Applications? If so, then
> Since the inception of California Institutes for Science and Innovation,
> the planning of  high-speed research networks has made a significant
> progress, and currently this effort is  through cooperation between
> CENIC, UC, and collaborating campuses. In northern California,  CITRIS
> has made plans for a very high-speed network to support high-bandwidth
> applications  and experimental research needs
> Also, in southern California, CalIT2 has led LambdaGrid efforts in the
> San Diego and Irvine area.  Joining CENIC?s forward-looking Optical
> Networking Initiative, 4 CISIs have formed a  technical working group to
> address the research networking issues.
> UCOP has now asked for the four Institutes to create, on a short time
> scale, a white paper on  what the driving applications are that require
> such a network and what needs to be funded besides what CENIC is already
> doing at the State level. There was a very successful workshop in
> Southern California led by CalIT2 director Larry Smarr on February 5.
> This workshop is the
> second in the series amplifying the success, working towards the common
> collaborative goal. We expect many more workshops to follow.
> oes any body affiliated with the Bootstrap Institute    (06)

etc.    (07)