Historic Legacy
The Engelbart Archive
Interested in the "Mother of All Demos" or the story behind the first com­pu­ter mouse? Learn about the late Doug Engel­bart's many historic firsts at the Engelbart Archive – with online exhibits, his­tor­ic videos, texts, archive photos, stories, and more.    
Strategic Vision
Raising Collective IQ at Scale
What drove his innovation and spark­ed a revo­lu­tion, cata­pul­ting us into the Know­ledge Age? Visit the Engelbart Aca­demy to learn about his Vision for raising Collec­tive IQ across busi­ness and society to our high­est poten­tial—now more viable and more crucial than ever!
Doing It
Creating a Brilliant World
Now you can put these same strate­gic princi­ples to work Bootstrap­ping Bril­liance in your own initiatives. See Our Projects and Commu­nity Show­case re: how some initiatives making a dif­fer­ence in the world are already meeting the Engel­bart Chal­lenge.    

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Your generous contribution helps to carry forward Doug Engelbart's profound  legacy — past, present, and future. Working together to raise the Collec­tive IQ in teams and initiatives to yield more bril­liant out­comes, create more bril­liant busi­ness­es and socie­ties, and ultimately a more brilliant world.

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Watch Doug share his vision - past, present and future

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