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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Re: Rethinking Licensing

We appreciate the reference! Not only can Pepper be used as an IBIS 
tool, it is also intended to be a platform for anything from 
explorative to production development of new "knowledge tools", as 
many of the people on this list intend to do. Implementing IBIS on 
top of Pepper -- which is what Eric is referring to -- took just a 
few hours, and most of that time was taken with designing icons for 
the objects ... Note that even today, all Pepper source code is 
available for inspection and modification for registered developers.    (01)

Some of you on this list may be aware of on-going discussions between 
Bootstrap and R-Objects on how Pepper could be made available to 
various stakeholders of the Bootstrap Alliance. So yes, that thought 
has appeared before and we're on it ...    (02)

Cheers,    (03)

Johannes Ernst
R-Objects Inc.    (04)

At 12:07 -0700 2002/05/31, Eric Armstrong wrote:
>Jack Park wrote:    (05)

>  > I'd like to think that we will find a way to begin using IBIS in support of
>>  the
>>  evolution of an OHS.  Certainly, r-objects.com's Pepper could bring that
>>  online today.
>Whoa! Why didn't I take a closer look at that earlier.
>That looks killer! See
>I think it will take some social rules (I have no idea what kind) to
>know when to move to email for a discussion, and when to move
>back to Pepper to capture pieces of it, but if IBIS will work, this
>looks like a great way to test it.    (06)